In Which Al Gore Returns To Victorious Mediocrity

It’s a crying shame, but this political season has taken the shine off of some political heroes who had really stepped up previously. It has clearly ruined Bill and Hillary Clinton. Mr. Clinton on his way to being head and shoulders above even the likes of President Carter, what with his global focus rising above politick and multi-billion dollar fund raising. Now, he might as well just quit his NGO work and go out seen regularly with large-boobed broads in berets. The Clintons were badly soiled in this primary.

Al Gore yesterday returned to his previous mantle of ho-hum mediocrity and political convenience, coming out at long last to endorse Barack Obama for President. Gore’s endorsement could have been the most powerful political move made since The Current President stood on a pile of rubble and yelled “I Can Hear You” into a bullhorn. Gore’s speech was powerful, but he could have saved his breath and just said “me too!”

That’s okay, Al. We’ll always have the “Restoring the Rule of Law” speech from January 2006. Sigh. Go make a PowerPoint or something.

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