G-Spot Tornado for Orchestra

There are many reasons to adore this clip.

First, it’s “G-Spot Tornado,” composed on Synclavier, performed live, and it it awesome.

Second, the dancers are incredible, especially the girl dancer, who is just smokin’ hot and can lift that guy above her head. (A warning, I guess: When I posted it to the Twitter earlier this year, a fellow tweep tut-tutted me about it being NSFW. I dunno.)

Third, it’s Frank Zappa at the end of his life and at the top of his game and doing what he loved doing most, directing an orchestra. There is a character on the television program Seinfeld who insists on being called “Maestro.” In the immortal words of Suzy Creamcheese: Fferget it. Zappa was the Maestro.

You watch it now:

2 thoughts on “G-Spot Tornado for Orchestra”

  1. I posted this last year and got zilch response…no matter, I usually get zilch response….
    When Zappa composed G Spot Tornado, he said that he was attempting to compose an impossibly technical piece…something that humans could not play…but it was at the insistence of the Orchestra Modern that he transcribed it for them…they rehearsed it and gave it to him as a present…

    The dancers are incredible…and WTF? NSFW? Bite me!

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