The Agony Of Defeat

Of all the left-wing nutbars on the radio who yak into my ear all day long, Thom Hartmann has been the weirdest, at least from my perspective. Hartmann’s line has been that Presumptive Nominee Barack Obama should consider Hillary Clinton his number-one seed for veep. His argument, and it unfortunately makes sense, is that an Obama-Clinton ticket would be the most efficient way to heal the party. Hartmann has been steadfast in this argument now for weeks.

But Mrs. Clinton lost him last night.

Today, Hartmann is expressing his disappointment that she refused last night to acknowledge that the nomination had been clinched. Indeed, Monster Tweety chose instead to make the insane statement that intended to consult with her people and decide what to do next. Hello? 2,118? Remember? Barack Obama tied up the nomination at around 10 p.m. last evening? Hello?

Mr. Hartmann has nailed it on the head today: Last night the only opportunity Hillary Clinton will ever have again to annoint Obama and to speak directly to her supporters to begin the healing process. She chose to congratulate Obama on the race he had run, not the race he had won, and to reserve concession for another day. She will never again have a stage and an audience that large by which to deliver the message that it’s time to fall in line. Last night was it. And she blew it.

She can’t be his veep pick. How do you have a veep pick who has been witnessed, in public, endorsing the Republigoat opposition? How? How do you do that? How do you have a veep pick who won’t even acknowledge the nomination? How? This talk of her being veep is absurd. I said it at the beginning of things, and I’ll say it now: Hillary Clinton is a very good senator.

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