'Count Every Vote'

How awesome, how utterly awesome, is Robert Wexler? Outside of Universal Studios and my Snowbird Granny, he’s the best thing about Florida.

Now. On to the “count every vote” meme discussed by the previous speaker, whose name I did not catch.

Let’s say you live in Fredonia, which holds elections every four years. President Firefly’s name is the only one on the ballot, and if you don’t vote, the Fredonian Security Forces come to your house and throw you in jail. But they count every vote, every single damned one.

So by the thinking I heard earlier this morning, Fredonia’s election results are completely valid.

Casting this as an issue of vote counting and voter disenfranchisement just doesn’t fly. The primary was fundamentally flawed. There were no Fredonian Security Forces, but, at least in Michigan, some names were not on the ballot, and in Florida, voters were told that they could stay home. As was mentioned here, had Florida’s primary been held in the normal fashion, turnout could have been doubled from its already stellar result.

In fact, as TPM asks today, if these delegations are seated no questions asked, doesn’t that disenfranchise the voters who were told not to bother voting and didn’t? And, by the way, those numbers may be nothing to sneeze at: “…as many as one million voters in Florida and probably more than a half million voters in Michigan did not vote who otherwise would have if they had not believed that the results would not be counted.”

Seriously, the only way to actually solve this problem is to nudge harder for the supers to pile on so we can get us a nominee and then just seat everybody.

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