Arianna Huffington Must Be Stopped

I myself as an amateur policy wonk have been known to turn left at Altoona a time or two to complete an analogy. In fact, sometimes it’s fun to just pull an analogy completely out of your rectum and to just throw it up there whether it makes any sense or not.

But for Arianna Huffington to draw a direct line between the Obama administration’s response to the unemployment figures and the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina? I mean, come on.

Should the Obama economic team moved more quickly on jobs? Did it give too much quarter on the stim? Too many tax cuts, not enough brick and/or mortar? Oh, yes. But this is hardly due to the seemingly willful ignorance that motored Boosh. I think if the Obama munny gurus are guilt of anything, it’s of being overly cautious, of being too cowed by Republigoats, and of feeling obliged to continue to buy the prevailing “wisdom” of the Chicago Assclowns regarding the mythical Free Market beast that consumes good intention and shitty ideas and poofs gold flakes.

But have they been as willfully, as foolishly negligent as was Boosh while people were drowning in their own attics? Really?

Rather than spend time drawing such ridiculous analogies, the Huffington Post needs to employ a few more copy editors. Yes, Arianna, there is yet another editorial error in your column. Unless you really meant to write that remaining TARP funds should be used to “hail out Main Street?” Spell-check ain’t an editor.

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