Priorities, People!

In my comments queue this morning stood this little gem. I did not approve it. But I am referring to it here.

Approval requested in the post titled “I Like To Wear Men’s Underwear,” which was about the Randi Rhodes YouTube debacle. Certain details in the post including the e-mail address have been changed to protect the stupid.

It said:

“To take a little heat off of Randi, it has been stated by others and noted by many in the know about Washington that Hillary has been involved in a Lesbian affair with…[a female person]…for…[a period of time]. If proof and cite are desired, I can be contacted at busybody at”

Who cares? Who cares who cares who cares who cares? Who cares? Why are people so interested in who the Clintons are screwing? Who cares?

I am more concerned with how badly they’re screwing the political process than I am with what particular person either one of them is actually with in the budoir. On your bike!

Also, and I’m only asking because this part of the statement is about to cause blood to squirt out of my nose, how, oh how, oh how does this statement “take a little heat off of Randi?” Mrs. Clinton is having a lesbian affair, so therefore the management at Air America Radio didn’t need to play contract hardball with her using some YouTubed comments she made in a nightclub in San Francisco? What?

Anyway: We here at Crack Whores for Good Government are not the only ones who noticed that Mrs. Clinton hasn’t quite been completely accurate about whenabouts Bill Clinton became the nominee in 1992. Here are a few others:

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