John McCain Hitler Hitler John McCain Hitler Hitler Hitler

I for one am John McCain Hitler very John McCain Hitler pleased with the crossed-stream media’s effort at last John McCain Hitler Hitler Hitler John McCain to pay attention to John McCain Hitler John McWeirdsmile’s “association” with the “Reverend” John Hitler Hagee Hitler John McCain.

I simply figure that Hitler John McCain the more times Americans John McCain loves Hitler see the words “John McCain” and “Hitler” in the same sentence John McCain Hitler, the better Hitler John McCain Hitler Hitler Hitler.

Incidentally. How in the wide wide world of sports does a political candidate “reject” an endorsement, especially an endorsement one SOUGHT OUT ON PURPOSE? I think my man Barack H. Obama had it right—as he does about everything—when Hillary C. Clinton (you may imagine in your mind’s ear what the “C” stands for) called him out on this nonsense. He essentially said hey, I can’t keep some idiot from saying in public that he digs me. Bitch. McCain (Hitler) though can’t get away with that because he actively sought Hagee’s endorsement to help him bridge his Jesus Gap. Of course, it gets worse when you factor in Rod Parsley, whose support McCain has also rejected, 12 years too late.

Don’t forget that once upon a time, McCain was, indeed, a straight talker on this subject, referring to Jerry Falwell—who is each and every day absolutely shocked about how hot it is where he lives now—and the like as “agents of intolerance.” Which would really worry me if I were a religious wacko republigoat. Does he believe that men like Falwell, Hagee, and Cabbage, I mean Parsley, are “agents of intolerance,” or does he believe that they whisper sweet nothings into the left ear of Jesus H. Christ himself? Does he believe that the Lord sent Hitler to smite the Jews to force them back to Israel, or doesn’t he? Does he believe that the Lord sends hurricanes to punish America for tolerating homos, or doesn’t he? And where, specifically, does he stand on the whole water to wine thing?

Here’s some advice for ALL presidential candidates: LEAVE GOD IN YOUR CHURCHES, GOD-DAMNIT. You, and the Untied States of America as a whole, will be much better off in the long run. John McCain. Hitler.

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