Election Day Angst

I heard a talk show last time I was in DC in which a woman caller complained to Creigh Deeds that he had failed to deliver to her a vision of some kind that she could vote for. She didn’t say what kind of vision… she was unable to articulate her problem. Maybe she was just parroting back what she heard some news analyst say. She just wanted something more than Mr. Deeds. Now Deeds is down 12 points, and no amount of woman backlash against Jesus Freak McDonnel will close the gap, I am guessing.

Here is what is at stake in Virginia. McDonnell is a right wing nut job who wants to keep women in matrimonial servitude, put state police between women and their medical decisions, and sell one of the state’s prime income producing assets to his private enterprise pals for a song. Deeds, for all his lack of charisma, would continue the trail of Democratic Leadership that has been methodically digging Virginia out of the hole that the GOOP dug when they repealed the car tax years ago.

Nothing in the McDonnell platform is good for women, and little of it is good for Virginia. None the less, the people will vote for McDonnell. A recent study shows that if you go to sell a house you should not have any sports memorabilia on display because they will not buy a house that has sports memorabilia. Think about it and wonder why I say the voters are morons.

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