Uh…Don't Blame Me. I Voted Moran.

The Virginian-Pilot today eviscerates the two morons who have been jockeying for your vote for Governor of the Commonwealth:

By the time Virginia’s new governor takes his oath of office, the state’s long-term road and transit budget will be $4.6 billion poorer than it was last spring. Virginia is dismembering not just its transportation future, but its economic future at a pace few voters will comprehend until the damage is irreversible.

In braver days, the crisis might have transformed the 2009 election into a season of renewal and resolve. Instead, the two gubernatorial candidates have twisted it into a season of equivocation and insipidity.

This is an excellent editorial that somewhat reluctantly endorses Deeds. I also like how the first graf encapsulates the insane position this state puts itself in. Thanks to Mama Bonk for the catch.

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