Bully for Health Care Reform

A few historical facts that should give the average liberal a swing in his step regarding the odds of actually getting this thing passed:

The concept of national health care can be traced historically to as far back as 1915, when the American Association for Labor Legislation began attempting to get the thing done state by state. We’ve been at this a while, and I reckon we’ll not quit until it’s done.

It took a drastic political shift to get the 1965 legislation passed that brought us Medicare and Medicaid. LBJ had miles-long coattails—the 89th Congress went to the Democrats, and Ways and Means was snatched from the claws of southern Democrats. Didn’t a similar political shift happen just recently?

The legislation that gave us Medicare and Medicaid suffered 500 amendments before it finally approved. That tells me that this is one hardy idea.

Finally: Don’t ever forget which political party actually made these fine programs possible for America. In the Senate, the vote was: Democrats, 57 yea, 7 nay, 4 not voting; Republigoats 13 yea, 17 nay, 2 not voting. In the House: Democrats, 237 yea, 48 nay, 8 not voting; Republigoats, 70 yea, 68 nay, 2 not voting.

We’ll do it again.

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