A New Olympic Game

Sorry to see we did not get the Olympics in Chicago. Pleased to see that The President pulled out all stops to get it done, even though any rational person would have to have concluded that Brazil was a mortal lock from the start. Olympics have never been in South America!!

Getting the Olympics is a mixed blessing. All that stuff to build, all the security costs, etc: and nothing to do with most of it when the games are done. I think I have a better solution. We should build an official Olympic place and hold all the games there all the time. My idea is to pick a place where the economy is a wreck and the people need good jobs.

Put the Haitians into the Olympic catering business. Build a permanent Olympic Center outside Port au Prince. Set up an international Olympic corporation to run the show. Instead of temporary jobs, you make permanent jobs. Instead of temporary buildings you get permanent buildings. You build national pride in a place that may never have had such a thing.

This might take a little nation building. Haiti might have to come to grips with its eternally bad government, or we might have to insulate in some way the Olympic business from the government. But it would make jobs (and we should ensure that a large portion of them go to Haitians.) It would build an economy, a culture and a future.

I think it would be a wise and generous gift from the developed world to the other half.

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