A friend from the hometown of my adolescence posted this on the Facebook. It’s so weird. We grew up in the same community, had the same teachers and pretty much studied the same subjects. But we have clearly reached far different conclusions.

Like today. There’s President Obama, handling an actual issue of WMD in an appropriate manner—condemning Iran’s admission that it is secretly conducting nuclear development in front of the entire international community with two allies standing solidly by your side—contrasted to the assclown pictured above, who fabricated charges of WMD and responded to it by illegally invading a sovereign nation that was in fact not a threat to these Untied States of America—one that, in fact, was the sole secular country in the region and therefore perhaps more useful as an ally then the Islamic, democratic, federal parliamentary republic we’ve ended up with.

Nope. Not missing Boosh a bit.

2 thoughts on “Nope.”

  1. You know the guy who put this up — but I’ve got to say that I took the picture and caption for antiBush snark till I read your post. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that it originally was meant that way, and your friend didn’t realize it when he swiped the image off the net (as I’m assuming he did).

  2. Yes, well, comments where I found this were pretty much like “Yes, I really do!” and “Obama is ruining the country!” and all. It’s like we live in different worlds. And then, I realize that we actually do: They live in Foxnewsarnia. On the other hand, I reckon one could say that I live in Air America. I’m also a guy who’s been paying attention to the news since I’m six years old and who actually studied public policy in college. Go figure.

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