Speaking of August Dumb

The Dumbest Man in America

I went to a forum on health care last night held by Eric Massa (D-NY). The crowd, which numbered 500 or so, was relatively tame even though it was clear there were a lot of GOOP crazies there. Massa does a masterful job of handling the crowd and gets a lot of respect even from crazies.

I did hear the dumbest guy in the world. That was interesting. This guy tells us that some time ago he was unemployed, had no health insurance, and his son had a terminal illness. He applied for Medicaid, but was turned down because he had too many assets. This is proof, he says, that government health care does not work. Then he said that he got his son on Social Security and his son got health coverage. This, too, is proof that government health care does not work. HELLO!!

The first part of the story is obviously a great reason why we should have universal health care. It presents a certain irony because the crowd had already complained several times about Medicaid fraud… which is what you would have had if this guy had gotten coverage through Medicaid. And it gives the lie to the incompetence of government , as they eventually found help through a government program.

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