Get Ready For The RNC To Use 'Hussein' in Obama's Name a LOT

RNC denounces use of ‘Hussein’ in Obama’s name

(CNN) – Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan formally denounced Thursday the Tennessee Republican Party’s use of Barack Obama’s full name in a recent press release questioning the Illinois senator’s commitment to Israel.

“The RNC rejects these kinds of campaign tactics,” RNC Chairman Mike Duncan said in a statement. “We believe this election needs to be about the critical issues confronting our nation.”

And, by the way, John McCain’s middle name is “Sidney.” And, oh yeah, he wasn’t even born in America.

What else, Robin?

  • MSNBC owes Hillary Clinton a cookie. Her weird meltdown last weekend made Tuesday’s debate—which I have not mentioned here because I have not felt like gloating—the most-watched debate EVAR—7.8 million people watched the thing—and the highest rating that cable network has evar seen. All were disappointed, however, when Hillary Clinton’s head did not actually turn all the way around, as we had expected it to.
  • I’ve mentioned the EdCast in a previous post. It’s a weird change for me, the erstwhile Air America Radio Associate, now stating a preference for the meat-eating, gun-toting leftie guy over many AAR programs. This week, Ed offers one very strong reason for this. This week, the AAR gliteratti are on a cruise at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. You know where Big Ed will be this week? Tejas. Where there’s ACTUALLY SOMETHING HAPPENING. The AAR rarely ever sends its hosts to the news, and it’s seemed to me a screwy thing to do to have a big promotional cruise that takes a majority of their talent off the air during primary season and when they can’t even keep a fella like Kent Jones around. Big Ed has taken his show to quite a few of these primary states. It seems to me that taking your show there can lend a talker quite a lot more cred then will working on your studio tan in New York. Things like this convince me that Ed, not AAR, is the future of the Moonbat Radio genre.
  • A shoutout to a new weblog I’ve come across, The Hillary 1000. I had commented there, and the admin rejected the comment. But, she wrote and told me why, which was awesome netiquette. Cheers.

6 thoughts on “Get Ready For The RNC To Use 'Hussein' in Obama's Name a LOT”

  1. I may not like Obama’s politics, but trying to paint him as some sort of Muslim fanatic is just plain wrong. Anything less than as close to the facts as you can get is dishonest and we should demand more from politicians.

  2. Now if only we can get Randy and Simon to stop calling her Paula ‘Abdul’ the world will be safe from Obama bin laden, oops durn it, there I go again…

  3. The fact that the Democrats are allowing the Republicans to use this as a tactic truly shows how cowardly they are. NOT ONE PERSON, NOT A SINGLE PERSON will stand up in front of the cameras and say ” We believe it is a testament to the tolerance of the American people that they won’t let something like a muslim inspired name cloud their judgement for their candidate of hope. It will also badly show to the rest of the world that we are men enough to elect some one president even if his middle name is Hussein.”
    Seriously doesn’t anyone else get that the rest of the world may come back to our side if we maybeelect a man with muslim ties? I’m ashamed of this crap.

  4. What I mean to say is Obamas name is not a liability but an asset. The people who can squash this garbage are pathetic cowards. The RNC is not to be reasoned with. They are to be smashed into submission like the chickenhawk cowards they are. Make no mistake the american people are stupid enough to fall for this garbage and the democrats will LOSE this election if they allow this to continue. Where have the democrats with some balls gone? Are all we left with snivelling pussies looking for approval from the Republicans? I will accept nothing less than a crushing defeat for McCain.

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