How Hillary Clinton Could Decimate Obama In Tejas.

It is my zany notion that Hillary Clinton could really bring it to Barack and could redirect the national spotlight to a place that really could use it right about now all in one shot. Bear in mind, the idea comes from left field. But I think it could save her candidacy.

Mrs. Clinton should spend at least a third of the time she’s got left to campaign in Tejas and Ohio in New Orleans.

Think about it, kids. To where did they relocate approximately 230,000 people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Sure, many of those ended up elsewhere, but you can bet there are a lot of Tejas voters with first-hand horror stories about Katrina. Mrs. Clinton, a day or three with you in the press doing Habitat for Humanity type work in New Orleans would certainly win you those votes—not to mention how much it would help shore up your Q score. And talk about an action that would make you appear not to be a Washington insider. And the message it sends, it would resonate, perhaps all the way up to Cuyahoga County, and beyond.

Not to mention that, perhaps, it would be nice if NOLA got a little light shown on it again? It’s not been rebuilt, it’s down by a third of its size, and it’s been pissed on by disaster capitalists. Yeah. You want action over talk, Mrs. Clinton? Let’s you take a day or three out of your campaign and spend it in the Big Easy. Eh?

I told you it was a zany idea.

In other bullshit:

  • Who won last night’s “debate” in Tejas? Hillary Clinton. Certainly. The bad news for Mrs. Clinton, however, is that Barack Obama didn’t lose. She needed him to lose the debate more than she needed to win it, so I don’t think she comes out of it any better off than before. And, by the way, if you didn’t believe how badly voters are pining for change, see how the crowd rose up and snarled when she said her bullshit “Xerox” line. I think eight years under Chimpy and Fartblossom have made voters more keen than ever at sniffing out and despising cheap shots and bullshit. I’m not saying the Obama camp hasn’t leveled some stinkers too, but the cornered Clinton has of late unleashed a plethora. But this is not the political environment in which to play dirty. I predict continued success for Obama. Unless, of course, Mrs. Clinton is a KIAV reader and takes my advice.
  • Harry Truman always wanted to find a one-armed economist because he was tired of hearing “on the other hand…”
  • An unsolicited opinion for fans of moonbat radio: The best podcast in the business is, hands down, that of The Ed Schultz Show. I can understand if you’re not a fan of Big Ed’s, but if you want a podcast that is reliable, timely, and of consistently good quality, get the Edcast. Schultz broadcasts from noon to 3 p.m., but the first hour of his show is reliably ready for your listening pleasure by 2 p.m. That’s a hell of a lovely difference from the Air America Premium, which is often posts very late and delivers crappy, basement bit-rate files. Also very good quality and reliability is the Stephcast.

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