You’d have thought I was rooting for a football team last night when NBC reported the Obama win in sunny Wisconsin. Going in, I thought it’d be a squeaker, but 58 to 47 percent, that isn’t a squeaker. Hawaii was just cake on the icing.

So then out comes Hillary Clinton in sunny Youngstown, pulling the Tom Delay Mug Shot trick. Just smile winningly and pretend you’re not under arrest/losing. It seems to me that, unfortunately, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has learned a lot from the likes of Delay and Fartblossom and the rest of them. I mean, look, a campaign arguing that beautiful oratory is a political liability has either lost its damned mind, or it’s bought Fartblossom’s playbook on the eBay. Oh, look, on page one, this is a good one: Attack your opponent’s strengths. Get me a highlighter!

Someone forgot to mention to Mrs. Clinton and her handlers that her Democrats aren’t “it’s got what plants crave” idiots. We’ve seen at least 12 straight years of this same miserable horseshit, starting with watching them drag her husband through the cactus patch, and we don’t want it anymore. I don’t want to elect a candidate who drums up baseless and irrelevant charges of plagiarism. I don’t want to elect a candidate who pledged to eschew Michigan and Florida delegates in her “inevitable” period but now wants to seat them, no questions asked. I don’t want to elect a candidate who opportunistically jumps on slight sentence misconstructions in debate and tries to run the week’s news cycle with it. I don’t want to elect a candidate who won’t concede defeat (he toys with making an obscure reference to the ancient childrens’ cartoon “Fat Albert,” but abstains). I will expect such tactics from Republigoat McCain—who apparently is certain Obama is the nominee—but I do not think they are of any use here in our house, here in the Democratic primaries. I do not want to elect a candidate who seems willing to win at any cost, and that is what I’ve observed in the Clinton campaign.

Nonetheless, thankfully, the point becomes more moot with every contest.

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  1. — Graduated first black president of Harvard Law Review having won trust and support of conservative members.

    — Passed over 600 high-money law firm offers to work for civil rights practice at fractional pay.

    — Added health insurance for 20,000 children, welfare reforms, earned-income tax credits, and increased minimum wage in Illinois.

    — Reformed death-penalty cases, requiring that interrogations be video-recorded. Passed Illinois Senate 58-0. Signed into law by Illinois governor who first opposed Obama’s bill. Obama succeeded by building consensus with conservative opposition.

    — Opposed Iraq war publicly, long before invasion. Accurately depicted it as of undetermined length, undetermined cost, undetermined objective, with a great likelihood of civil war breaking out.

    — Expanded program to locate and dismantle stray Russian WMD with Republican Senator Lugar.

    — Passed major ethics and lobbying reform bill with Russ Feingold, insisting upon tougher restrictions around gifts, meals, etc. And extended the interval preventing exiting congress members from moving directly into lobbyist positions.

    — Toured Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, and Palestinian territories, telling Palestinian Authority Abbas that US would never recognize Hamas leaders until they renounced mission to attack Israel.

    — Cosponsored Secure Orderly Immigration Act by John McCain. Passes Senate 62-36. Makes undocumented persons who have been here 5+ years only allowed to stay and apply for citizenship if they pay back-taxes, learn English, and have no criminal record.

    — Communicated frankly to Michigan automaker executives of need to increase fuel-efficiency standards by at least 3% per year.

    — Many aisle-crossing bi-partisan solutions throughout 10 years of senate experience (8 state, 2 federal).

    — 100% approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood. National Education Association gives him an “A” on their most recent scorecard.

    — In Illinois State Senate sponsored 780 bills, 280 were signed into law.

    — In first year as US Senator, held 39 town-hall meetings throughout his state, sponsored 152 bills and resolutions, and cosponsored 427 more.

    — Designated US Senate point person on ethics by Speaker Harry Reid.

    He defeated the Clinton Machine. He will defeat John McCain.

    That is Barack Obama

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