Take a Picture of This!!

This may sound a little like one of those rumors that right wing crazies dream up, but I heard it on Diane Reihm, so it is probably true. We are proposing to give rape victims in Congo video cameras so they can get pictures of their attackers.

Something tells me this is not going to work. The rapes at issue are undertaken by militia as part of the general pillaging and murdering and stuff they are doing over there. So are women really going to be able to snap a few frames while they are being bent over? Will they really take the risk of snapping a few closeups of young fellows with their dicks in one hand and their AK-47s in the other? Will the militia guys care?

I have a better idea. They have $17 million to use to solve the rape problem in Congo. Use the money to buy pistols. Colt 45s, Baretta 9 mms, whatever is handy. Teach the women to use the weapons and hide them in their skirts. Next time the militia boys try this rape gambit, maybe they will get a little something they had not counted on and the women will get a little justice.

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