What Is That Thing On Aaron Neville's Face?

  • Is it a mole? Or a tumor? Or a Milk Dud he misplaced?
  • I keep asking to myself what good it will do us to have a Democratic President when we have a uniballer Congress. Sen. Webb? What the Hell are you doing, buddy? You voted ‘yes’ on telecomm immunity?
  • As just heard on the Rachel Maddow Show: There were a million Democratic voters who came out on Tuesday. There were a half million Republigoats.

One thought on “What Is That Thing On Aaron Neville's Face?”

  1. Wow! Aaron Neville is Fantastic! I love his song Crazy Love. The lyrics are simple and sweet and portray the intensity of a crazy love! I would simply love to have somebody “Take away my heartaches, In the night like a thief.”

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