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The Republicans are a side show here compared to the failure of the Democratic Party to get its shit together and govern the country.
John Heilemann.

Heilemann, a columnist for New York Magazine, was a guest on Bill Marr’s July 24 show. He noted that when Busch was in charge, holding narrow margins in the House and Senate, the GOOP managed to the execute its agenda and get the work done that it intended to do. We are now in the second Democratic administration in 20 years with a decent majority in BOTH houses, and neither seems to be able to implement the agenda they were elected to implement.

Obama and Clinton could both be cut some slack for the broad scope of their ambition. Each introduced some notions that the center right has thought to be radical… such as Gay rights, or that challenge well-organized, well-funded opposition, such as health insurance reform. By comparison the GOOP had nothing on its agenda (except to invade Iraq and undermine the Constitution).

Heilemann points out this is all the fault of Congress, which for some reason can’t figure out that failure here will ultimately destroy the Democratic Majority.

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