A Prediction: The Obama Roll Takes Off In The Potomac

I am so utterly excited to get to vote tomorrow. Usually, I cast my vote at this time knowing that it won’t do a thing. I am convinced tonight that my vote won’t just be important. I think it will be decisive.

I predict that Barack Obama will have a near shutout in Virginia, Maryland, and (duh) Washington, D.C. I predict that Obama will thrash Hillary Clinton here so handily, and in a way that so defies and bewilders the pollsters, that the momentum Obama takes from here will carry him on a big wet wave all the way to the White House. The numbers you will see here tomorrow will be so unmistakable, so overwhelming, that Hillary Clinton won’t even be able to catch a scent of his dust.

I predict that the nominee will be selected here. In Virginia. In Maryland. In Washington, D.C.

I could be wrong. But you don’t get to ravage the nest unless you go out on the limb.

Please contribute to Dennis Kucinich’s Congressionial campaign.

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