Don't Believe the Hype

I am opting to blatantly steal a chart crafted by Yglesias because it is incredibly instructive in light of the doom-and-gloom horseshit being touted by Ye Olde Washinton Post and others in this town recently. Yglesias extrapolated some numbers from the polling into an interesting chart and draws some very good conclusions from it:

I think the straightforward reading of this survey data is that congressional Democrats ought to ignore congressional Republicans and pass the ideas Barack Obama has proposed. And, again, the straightforward reading of November’s election results was that the public wanted (1) Barack Obama to be President and (2) members of congress sympathetic to Barack Obama. Congressional Democrats are good at overthinking political issues, and at coming up with rationalizations for why giving in to special interest demands are the only politically feasible option, but the evidence suggests that the public remains enthusiastic about Obamaism.

I think Yglesias is right. (The whole post is here, thanks also to Kos for the heads up.)

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