Welcome to the Senate, Al!

It’s a little annoying to read headlines that say “Frankin Wins Election.” Hell, he won the election last November, or at least after the recount in December. The issue lately has been getting a final court ruling, and a concession from that asshole Norm Coleman which is what he got after the Minnesota Supremes ruled.

And of course everybody is making nice with Norm. Frankin saying how gracious he was. Amy Klobuchar said what a gracious concession statement Coleman made. Betcha that was all part of the deal. Politicians forced to make nice to get the deal done. Help Coleman repair his image so that the people of Minnesota will no longer think him an asshole.

Here is the bottom line. Coleman is an asshole. The initial recount was not requested by Frankin, it was required by law. (Although Frankin would have been crazy not to demand it.) It was scrupulously conducted, revealed that Frankin was the winner. Coleman appealed. The courts reviewed the recount and concluded that it was absolutely fair. Any reasonable person would have stopped there. Coleman appealed. He claimed that the rules for absentee voting should be changed for him. He lost on that argument. He appealed. The matter dragged on. Not because Coleman had a claim, but because he is an asshole. Like most other assholes who served in the Senate, he thinks he is entitled to the job, the position, the fabulousness of it all made him important enough to stay forever.

We have seen a lot of this from people who are used to power. Joe LIEberman doesn’t like the fact that the Democratic Party thinks he is not a Democrat so he runs as a LIEbermanian. Party principles did not matter, Joe LIEberman mattered. Ted Stevens (not convicted on a technicality) sold votes for repairs to his house and other bribes. He was given a standing ovation by the Senate when he left. It was not the Senate that mattered, it was the good old boys club that mattered, (but maybe thats all the Senate really is). Watch today’s headlines for Daniel Inouye’s abuse of power to save a bank he had some money in. I am sure he thinks he is entitled, and if he is actually forced out as a result they will give him a medal and a round of applause.

Welcome to the Senate, Al, it’s a cesspool. Try not to let it affect you. Don’t think you are especially entitled just because you won the election. Don’t get caught cheating on Franny. Keep your sense of humor. Tell the Buddy Hackett joke on the Floor so it goes in the Congressional Record.

One thought on “Welcome to the Senate, Al!”

  1. Filibuster with THIS!:

    So this guy wakes up with a red dot on his forehead. He goes to see the doctor, who says, “My god, I’ve heard about this, but I’ve never actually seen it!” “What is it, doc?” “Well,” the doctor replies, “You have a PENIS growing out of your forhead!”

    “WHAT?” says the guy. “Well just chop it off!” “I can’t,” says the doctor. “It’s already fused to your brain. You’d die.”

    The guy says, “You mean to tell me that every time i wake up and look in the miror, I’m going to see a penis growing out of my forehead?”

    “Oh, no,” says the doctor. “You won’t be able to see a thing. The balls will be covering your eyes.”

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