Yep. Still an Asshole.

Thanks as is often to Randi Rhodes for adding the two plus two today regarding the Palin/Letterman nonsense.

As Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore points out, there are at least ten instances before Letterman of comics and comic troupes taking swipes at the Palins’ unique family situation. So why now? Why Letterman? Why why why?

Because, grasshopper. Letterman is the one who had the temerity to give failed presidential candidate John McWeirdsmile shit during the 2008 presidential campaign.

It’s payback, baby. Pure and/or simple. #occamsrazor

One thought on “Yep. Still an Asshole.”

  1. Letterman is having fun with the banter. He opened last nights show with he & a manager saying “We’d like to apologize in advance to everyone for everything Dave says…. He’s an idiot”…. Dave nods & smiles.

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