Did Petey Greene Write A Joke For The Current President?

Rachel Maddow recently chronicled the president’s fondness for a joke where he expresses concern that someone in the audience, often NBC correspondent David Gregory, might steal some of the White House silverware. Here it is at the Huffington Post:

I wonder if Bush ever met or knew of late ’70s – early ’80s D.C. media phenom Petey Greene. From Wiki:

“After leaving prison, he was hired by AM radio station WOL to host his own show, ‘Rapping With Petey Greene’. His stature grew, and he soon found himself hosting his own television show, ‘Petey Green’s Washington’, on WDCA-TV. On March 8, 1978, he was invited as a guest to the White House by President Jimmy Carter to honor visiting Yugoslavian President Josip Broz Tito. He famously quipped to the Washington Post that he ‘stole a spoon’ during the evening gala.[2]”

I bet you a dollar it was funnier when Petey Greene said it.

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