Happy New Hampshire!! (sort of)

I have ranted here before about the time we waste pandering to the baseless fears of morons. There is no greater example of that than the recent amendments to the New Hampshire same sex marriage bill, which was signed into law today.

The bill granting equal rights to gay, lesbian and transgendered couples had wide support and was passed by both the House and Senate. Only the governor refused for weeks to sign it until he got “guarantees” that the state would not force religious people who did not agree with gay marriage to participate in same sex marriage ceremonies. Couple questions. Doesn’t the First Amendment prohibit the establishment of any religion, and isn’t it a necessary corollary to the establishment clause that it prohibits the state from dictating terms of worship to any religious group? Second, if you are looking forward to what you believe to be the happiest moment of your life, would you want some asshole that hates you to participate? (Maybe these fools actually believe they will convince everyone in New Hampshire that it is bad to participate in a gay wedding and thereby ruin everything for queers. Is that the motivation? Found a loophole?)

Baseless pandering to fools wastes more public time than any other single distraction imposed by democracy. If ever there were an argument for an enlightened dictator, this is it.

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