You Can't Fix Stupid

One focus of the aftermath of the murder of Dr. Tiller is, guess who, Fox’s own Ted Baxter, who apparently conducted a fairly incendiary campaign regarding Tiller. In reading up on this, I have come across this, a ridiculous interview that The Big Head conducts with Kelly, a young Marylander who had an abortion at 20 weeks in Wichita when she was 14. This is truly amazing.

She actually says this during the course of the interview with The Big Head:

No one ever said anything to me about what was going to happen during that five-day process, or what was going to happen when I left that clinic or ten years down the road…I’m disgusted that women are told that that they have a choice, yet no one tells us what that choice is or what that choice is going to do to us or to the baby for that matter. Very few people know I think know that this is what happens; it’s not just an easy solution; it’s not an answer to any problem. It just creates other problems.

I generally abhor blame-the-victim arguments, but come on, princess! What’d you think, the good doctor would wave a magic wand over your belly and your baby would just float on up to heaven in a river of pixie dust? You haven’t been reading your Operation Rescue propaganda very closely, have you?

In this day and age, when we have something called The Google, ignorance is no excuse, I’m sorry. Here, Kelly. Let me Google that for you. A pregnancy at 20 weeks is halfway there. The average fetus at that point is 10.5 ounces and 6.5 inches long. At 20 weeks, you can see its junk in the ultrasound. Did you think that any process meant to get rid of such a thing would be pretty?

I don’t know this Kelly. I don’t know if she’s a product of home-schooled abstinence-only bullshit. But I certainly wouldn’t feel uncomfortable betting that she is. And to conclude that choice is bad all over just because she ended up unhappy with hers, well, that’s just downright unreasonable.

More on this later as I continue to peruse and steal from the perhaps best blog source regarding the Tiller case, Andrew Sullivan.

(I also owe a plug to comedian Ron White.)

2 thoughts on “You Can't Fix Stupid”

  1. Dear Kelly and Bill O’Reilly:

    1. Abortion is not pretty. Abortion is not fun. The “process” of abortion requires quality and specific medical care, and thus, is why we fight so hard to make sure it doesn’t happen in some back alley hotel room by a doctor whose licensed was revoked 10 years ago.

    2. There is no “killing agent” in abortion care. Doctors use medication which is a humane and painless way to stop the heartbeat of a fetus prior to any and all procedures. To characterize the procedure any other way is a LIE. Plain and simple. No one delivers babies in toilets in abortion facilities. People may not like the law, but the law that allows for legal abortion services is also VERY specific and is watched very closely by people who support and oppose abortion rights. Getting on national television and saying otherwise doesn’t make it true. It makes you a victim of people who have used your grief and regret to turn you into a poster child for something that is false and politically motivated.

    3. Kelly, you might want to have a discussion with your parents about why they didn’t involve you in the decision to have an abortion. State law in Kansas requires that you and your parents sign consent forms, which are the responsibility of the patient and her guardians, to read before signing. If you are “disgusted” by this process, someone failed you, and it wasn’t Dr Tiller or his staff. It was the two people who flew you to Kansas.

    4. Finally, as a medical professional who hasn’t always worked in abortion care, I have this complaint for people who blame doctors and nurses for various things in health care: ultimately, the PATIENT is responsible for her health. Doctors, nurses, and counselors can do their best to educate you on what to expect and how to care for yourself, but if you are not an invested participant in that care, the effort is futile. Saying you “didn’t know” what would happen is not the fault of the people who tried to convey this to you, the patient. It is the responsibility of the patient to ask questions. We are not mind readers. Only people who want to provide you with the best medical care available, at your request.


    A Nurse Who Knows the Truth and Isn’t Afraid to Say It

    {As a note, this nurse will now tame the beats and stop commenting on every post you make on abortion. You should be credited with speaking the truth and writing about it beautifully however. Much thanks and praise to you in being an honest and educated voice among many to the contrary.}

  2. Oh, no, I’m utterly pleased to have a health care practitioner to comment on this topic regularly. Such informed commentary is always helpful. Thank you for it.

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