Another Air American Bites the Dust

I am not a loyal rabid fan of “The Young Turks.” I am a casual listener since I have begun a weekend regimen with The Howard Stern Show. I am even less a fan since they got rid of Jill Pike and Ben Mansokosakostravinskibergermeistertikiwikiwitz. Ben was at least witty. Jill was hot, though they never seemed to know how to use that to their advantage, but at least she was there. Anyway, not a real fan, so I missed that something or other happened with the show last week. It was yanked off the air for a few days for some reason or other.

So this morning, Cenk announces that the show’s gig is up Jan. 15, and that AAR will probably not produce another morning show. Wow. This thing is going tits up fast. When you abdicate morning drive time, you basically admit defeat. That’s like ABC saying well, it’s too expensive to create programming to air from 8 to 10 p.m. Thursday night, so we’ll just run a test pattern.

As I’ve said, I will be sad when AAR tanks, but sad more like Chris Farley’s friends were when he died, and less like Richard Jeni’s friends were when he died. Air America Radio did this to itself, not because the Evan Cohen debacle, not because it lost its star power, but because it had good programming, it had brilliant talent that adored and believed in Air America Radio, and Air America Radio told it to go fuck itself.

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