The Torchum Never Stops

I know we are months and months from the holiday season, (follow Zappadan) but am offering up a relevant Zappa quote, from some fanzine of April 1977 called “Nuggets,” his interviewer being some fellow named Jim Ladd:

JL: What’s the title of the new album?
FZ: Zoot Allures.
JL: “Zoot Allures”? What’s that mean? Is there some story behind the title?
FZ: Probably.
JL: Are you going to tell it to us?
FZ: No.
JL: Give me a break here. Give me some words on the new material.
FZ: Well, it used to be a double album, but I cut it down to a single album. Line-up on the album is, Side One—”Black Napkins” which was recorded live in Osaka and then it goes into a song called “The Torture Never Stops.”
JL: Which is about what?
FZ: Er, it’s about torture not stopping.


With the way things are going, it appears Frank may be borne out yet again as being a damned Nostradamus. Imagine, President Obama spitting in the eye of the appellate court in the matter of the photographs requested released by the ACLU? And sayin’ it’s, well, uh, cuz it was only a few bad apples anyways?

I tried, yesterday, I tried, I really did, to think of a way to be with the Prez on this one. But it can’t be done. It flies directly in the face of an appellate court decision, period, and with any hope it will end up in front of the Supremes. Obama’s “Pentagon Papers” might be a picture of a pyramid of naked dudes? A-Mazing.

As Mr. Turley points out, the Obama record on this issue is becoming more abyssmal every day. He is doing a lot of good, but not working more aggressively to correct this egregious situation, that is just not right.

Meanwhile, Nance Pelosi’s story gets a little more slippier each day as well, no? Should have impeached when you had the chance, Nance…

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