Everyone's Stealing From The Ketchup

I know it’s not reasonable to actually imagine that Danny Henninger of the Wall Street Journal read my recent Ronald Raygun post and said hey, the kid has a point, and wrote an opinion piece sort of asking the same questions I did about the GOOP’s inexplicable fawning over the discorporated ol’ Gooper.

But it kind of looks that way. So I shall continue to imagine it to be so.

Should the GOP Forget Reagan?

A few notes, though:

  • Mr. Henninger, there is no such thing as a “Rookie President.” A “rookie” is a new recruit who is on a sort of probationary period, expected to prove himself to earn respect among his peers. The President of the United States has fully proven himself and is fully worthy of all of the respect the office demands. Your usage here is disrespectful of the office.
  • There is no such thing as a “filibuster proof majority” in the Senate. 60 Democrats does not give the Democrats 60 votes on every bill. There will be plenty of times when the Blue Dogs will gum up the works, even after Mr. Franken is rightfully seated.
  • Henninger’s column seems skeptical of the notion that investment in the public infrastructure will benefit American business. I do not understand what in holy hell is so difficult to understand about this idea. A trucker cannot move his load over a bridge that has fallen from the sky, and we cannot move the windmill-generated electricity that Mr. Pickens keeps telling us we can generate on a power grid that, from time to time, leaves the entire Great Lakes region and some of Canadia in the dark.

Anyway. RIF Reagan.

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