Tom Tancredo, Meet John Grisham. Ah. I See You Have Already.

A book review from Daddy Bonk. Man. I cannot wait to get to the Farm.


The Brethern might be one of John Grisham’s worst books.

I am having a very hard time finishing it—a bad melodrama about a member of the John F. Kennedy Look Alike Caucus who is tapped by the CIA to be the next president of the United States. There is some complication in the plot related to a bunch of lawyers serving time in federal prison for various frauds and murders and such who have a blackmailing ring. I have not had the patience to read far enough to figure out the exact connection. Probably a bribery thing coming up. It is not relevant.

Tom Tancredo, or one of his bat-brained aids, didn’t have to read that far either to get the idea for his Scare America Campaign. Yes. The CIA has decided that Congressman Lake, clean-cut, card-carrying member of the JFK Look Alike Caucus, will become president by scaring the shit out of America. So they run these ads about terrorists with nukes running around killing Americans. And the tagline?


Tom Tancredo is a shit-for-brains dumbass, and I can’t be too upset that his entire ad is plagiarized from John Grisham. Part of me is a little annoyed that the mainstream press didn’t catch this. The other part of me has concluded that only a shit-for-brains dumbass would read this book anyway.


For context, courtesy of YouTube. Complete unfortunately with the original poster’s dipshit political commentary. My posting of this piece of shit here should in no way be construed as support.

2 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo, Meet John Grisham. Ah. I See You Have Already.”


    what a lunatic. worse still, he represents the district where i grew up and my parents still live. what kind of freak/zombie constituency has taken over that part of colorado?

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