Hell With That!!

According to the Washington Post Congress plans to slow down. Nancy and Hairy think things are moving too fast. Hell with that.

The iron is hot, its time to strike. The President has come on with a very large agenda. We got a good budget, we got a start on health care reform, we got a stimulus package. We no longer torture people and the Justice Department is being cleaned up. That’s almost enough to make me happy, but I see no reason to stop there.

Here is a list of stuff we should also get done… now.

Stop mowing highway right of ways. Mowing the highways is crazy. There are places where the highway is not mowed (Parts of I-79, between Pittsburgh and Erie, Sections of 390 between Corning and Rochester.) These stretches of highway are scenic and in no way endanger the driver. SO why mow anyplace? We would save millions of dollars and reduce carbon emissions and increase the volume of CO2 consuming plants right where they are needed. It’s a no brainer!!!

Health Care Reform. Yes. Now. Yesterday.

Pass Secretary Gates’ budget. No better time than now to squeeze the grease out of the procurement process and stop wasting money on crap.

Get rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. We need every patriot we can get.

Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Make America a decent place to live and recognize the madness of anyone crazy enough to want to be married. (OK I can say it more positively. How about: Recognize the value of personal commitment to love and family).

Reform Immigration. In my view that means letting in any citizen of the western Hemisphere who can get a job here and is willing to learn to speak english. I might allow health screening. We don’t need any more people with TB or clap. We don’t need any junkies.

Sure there is a lot of work here. That’s why we pay Congress the big bucks. But the Obama Administration is willing to move forward, it has the momentum. We can’t wait for the next bus.

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