Comedian John Boehner

Here’s something to know about news reporters: When you put a document in front of a reporter and you tell him it’s a “budget,” the first thing the reporter is going to do is to rifle through it wanting to look at the numbers. He might start, for instance, by flipping to the back and checking out the bottom line and to try to get a sense of what is the projected income versus projected expenditure. He’ll be looking for sore thumbs, too, new programs or drastic cuts or increases, for instance. You know. Looking for “stories.” As reporters are wont to do.

So when Congressman John Boner of sunny Ohio got a group of reporters into a room yesterday and introduced them to a 19-page document of vague notions with no numbers, and when the first thing the reporters said was hey, where’s the details, and when John Boner then held up his flimsy document and gives the press his best “this one goes to eleven,” well gravity’s pull*, that shit made PB and I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

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That’s one funny fucker right there. That’s why we’ve added a brand new category just for him: Comedian John Boehner.

*By the way, I’ll be explaining this little vanity as part of the Blog Against Theocracy blogswarm.

2 thoughts on “Comedian John Boehner”

  1. Yes. Bonk. I am laughing today. I no longer miss my favorite public comedian, the Moron George W. Busch. Now we have John Boner to keep us in chuckles.

  2. Brady;
    I think you are being unkind to the Boner comedy troop. Think about it, compared to “W” they have come a long way.

    Luv, ub

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