Guilty By Association?

There’s an interesting video blowing around the internets today of a protestor getting right in Condoleezza’s face, calling her a war criminal, complete with faux-bloodied hands…the interesting part though is that after the cops throw her out of the hearing room, they unleash on the Code Pink broads, who weren’t doing anything. Ugly.

Update: Ms. Rhodes has just mentioned this vid and noted the same thing I did…that first woman is just about ghoulish and is definitely threatening and should have been ejected…don’t you expect her to start moaning “brains! brains! braaains!”?…but to go all don’t-tase-me-bro on the Code Pink broads after, that’s just messed up. And yes, I call them “broads.” It’s a compliment.

2 thoughts on “Guilty By Association?”

  1. What happened to my comment??

    Invisible comment… did it get dragged off the thread like a CodePinkBroad??


    In recap, I may not be up to wearing a pink tiarra yet, but I am feeling a lot more radical than last spring.

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