I Dunno About Ewe,

…but to me, complaining about AIG’s insistence on maintaining a business practice of providing bonuses…excuse me…”retention awards…” is like screaming your fool head off because the burglar steals the gumball machine on the way out after he forced you at gunpoint to open the safe and give you the entire week’s proceeds, then sucked up entire cash register and fills his entire trunk and back seat with Sierra Nevada and then shoots you in the kneecap. God-damn, you’re sayin’. I loved that gumball machine. Bastard.

But, symbols count, I guess, and what this means is that “symbolically,” anyway, the guys running AIG are a bunch of assholes. Unfortunately, we gotta bail those assholes out because if’n we don’t, Europe goes to Hell.

Still. I don’t know about ewe, but I’m sort of in a hurry to get this recovery on track and then let’s start figuring out what Uncle Sam’s gonna do to crack down on these assclowns. Are we going to do some anti-trusting? Some regulating? How about some congressional hearings? Do we get to put Ed Liddy in a dunk tank?

What’s next, fellas? We can patch up this Depression as much as we care to, but what are they going to do to forestall the next bubble economy?

One thought on “I Dunno About Ewe,”

  1. I vote for regulations and I fancy the dunk tank idea. Why, these companies would want to “retain” these corrupt and incompetent thieves is beyond me.

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