Kudos to Parade

Parade is that little insert in the Sunday paper I usually thumb through for a second if I even bother at all before it goes in recycling. This week, Parade worth a look.

How We Can Save Our Roads” is not overly ambitious editorially, though it is good for specific examples of novel approaches some states are taking to tackle infrastructure woes. But it does something terrific: It puts infrastructure on the cover in color on a publication that says it’s the most widely-read magazine in America.

Next to campaign finance and election reform, infrastructure is the most vital issue there is, and, in light of the pressing need now for the economic pump to be primed, it might just eclipse the former these days. What’s left of our press should be shining a bright light on the crumbling infrastructure instead of, for instance, making a desperate, insane woman with too many children the spotlight’s center.

Infrastructure. Infrastructure. Infrastructure.

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