Michael Moore and his Anti-Following

Speaking of great journalists: Michael Moore has today on the HuffPo given his anti-following a very nice swat on the nose.

I think of Moore as this generation’s Upton Sinclair. Some might think that goes a bit too far, but I don’t think so.

Had you even heard of “corporate welfare” until Roger & Me? Did we even have a framework with which to discuss the bad behavior of corporations before that film? That film was brilliant, and its vision immense. And, as Moore points out, the nation has come right along with him after all these years.

One thought on “Michael Moore and his Anti-Following”

  1. Comparing Michael Moore to the current head of the GOP is ridiculous. Big difference between Moore and Limpbone is this: Moore actually does research. He works from facts, not fantasy. THe BIGGEST problem with the GOPers in general, and their titular leader in particular, is they ignore the facts in favor of their fantasy based theories.

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