Dear Editor,

Editor, Post:

I have two points to take up with you regarding the Outlook section of Oct. 7.

First, I do not understand why your editorial board still insists on giving Bill Kristol one single solitary column inch. The man’s credibility dried up and blew away long, long ago. And, is he * serious * ? We should further stretch our meager resources to intervene in Myanmar? Seriously? Stop giving this clown a platform. Let’s sequester him to Fox “News” and leave him there instead of allowing him access to somewhat reputable news organizations such as yours. Please?

Second, why is Geoffrey Wheatcroft entitled to question the qualifications of Hillary Clinton? Can he even vote in this country? His column was obnoxious and insulting, not to mention that it didn’t take into account the true extent of the lady’s CV. His home country proudly elected the current president’s toadie, who threw in with him gladly regarding Iraq, and he has what sort of qualifications to make these observations?

Sometimes you guys waste so much newsprint.

Thank you.


They’re fortunate. The first draft called Wheatcroft a ‘limey bastard.’ It’s a smear job, it really is, this stupid column they ran.

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