Fat Cat Pay

Some facts on salaries, primarily because I like to think our decisions are fact-based, and some of the stuff out there on the subject is wrong. I think it requires us to relook at this CEO salary cap.

The President’s salary is $400K, which is enough for most of us, but its not what Barack and Michelle live on. First, he pays no rent. True he has to live in his office, kinda like the little grocery store attached to the house that I grew up in, but he pays no rent. Moreover, except for the occasional family dinner, the entertainment budget pays for all the food and booze (those Wednesday night parties). (How do I get an invitation?) Certainly the hired help is paid by the government. Samo for the family limo, SUV, airplane etc: Aside from vacations, clothes, gifts and an occasional family dinner, The President lives on the public tab, and probably banks a lot of his salary year to year.

I have no sympathy for banker (or other) fat cats who get outrageous bonuses for pissing their companies down the drain. I would be willing to do their work for $500 K, but I think we should boost the salary cap to something more like what the President really makes. Call it a million. Call it two million. Its somewhere in that range.

And a president doesn’t have to worry about what he will do after the job is over. Even that moron Duybya can get speaking gigs (from the Limbonazi Party) that pay $25K and up, and his wife has a nice book deal. (Most presidents get book deals of their own, but there is not much market for a presidential coloring book.) On top of that he gets a pension of $170 K. If you have lived paycheck to paycheck on your $2 million CEO salary, you will still need some kind of retirement security. So After a CEO has been on the job a while…say five years…there is good reason to grant him or her some additional goodies… retirement security, for example, and payment of his government health care premiums for life…. OH we don’t have those yet. No one, not even A-Rod, is worth the kind of money these fat cats have been making… but we need to pay them enough.

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