USA Jobs Bill of 2009

If you are going to be wrong, be wrong about something positive. This jobs bill is too small, and has been stripped of some of the better stuff, but it still passed. And that is a good thing, even if I thought it would be harder to do than it was. However, the lessons I noted in my last post on this question are still important.

First, Obama has to control his own message, he can’t leave it to Hairy and Nan. The next big issue he takes to the Hill, he should be ready to carry all the weight. Second, Democrats on the Hill should replace both Hairy and Nan. (I have no suggestions as to whom. The best potential Speaker is in the White House (Raum) and the best person in the Senate is Chuck Schumer, and while he seems normal for New York, he is not standard issue in “real America.” Still, we could do better than what we have now.

Some things that got cut from the bill need to be got back somehow. I have a feeling the infrastructure will sneak back in on a highways bill or an education bill. But the states needs help. (And it was irresponsible of the Congress not to recognize that.) The governors will need to come asking for a bailout, the ball is in their court. Congress should be ready for that. Obama should welcome them to the Rose Garden, and help them make their case.

The game has just begun.

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