Dennis Kucinich Is Awesome

There are few legislators who fall into the category of “awesome,” but they include fellas like Russ Feingold, Bernie Sanders, and, of course, Dennis Kucinich.

Kucinich’s story itself is damned interesting. Here’s a guy who grew up in a large family one could classify as “housing challenged,” became the youngest mayor of Cleveland. He refused to allow the electric company there to be privatized, and it led to a price on his head. Really. He lost reelection when the banks trying to buy Muny Light forced default. 20 years after, though, Muny Light expanded and thrived. Kucinich had saved its ass and nearly got shot in the head for it.

Right now, he’s railing about naming rights, which is a detail many folks wouldn’t have thought of. But why in hell should any company that took TARP money get to buy naming rights? Why should taxpayers pony up so that they can go to the “Fed-Ex Staples K-Mart Wells Fargo Bank of America Stadium?”

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