Busch 9/11 Redux

Curiosity about what The Moron George W. Busch was doing on September 11, 2001 will not be satisfied by viewing the Nation Geographic Channel’s special on Air Force One, which aired Sunday night. At best, this presentation, made with the full cooperation of The Moron AND Barack Obama, is hot air drama typical of this genre. At worst, another attempt by Busch to burnish his image for posterity.

The hype on the show was that it was the DANGEROUS 9/11 MISSION THAT HAD TO SUCCEED!!! I have been swearing since September 11, 2001 that Busch was drunk, panicked and cowering in the Presidential Suite of Air Force One that day. I came to this conclusion standing in front of a television at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City, where I had heard…and felt the plane crash into the Pentagon. Where was Busch? Bill Clinton, I knew, would have been visible. Probably at Andrews AFB, reassuring the nation. Where was Busch? Flying around the country, popping up from time to time like a gopher out of his hole. Why wasn’t he on the ground where he belonged?

The National Geographic special tells us three things. First, that AF One was a target that day. Or they had reason to think so. Even the most gullible news outlets (I don’t consider Fixxed News a News Outlet) have not bought into this story, which surfaced just after the attack. It was polished up (by Rove & Co.) on the first anniversary in an attempt to demonstrate Busch’s heroism. The TV special tells us that the pilots of Air Force One had reports of an airplane tracking them as they took off from Sarasota, FL. They knew the plane was an airliner, not a small private plane. The pilot of AF One tells us he flew out over the Gulf because he knew Air Force fighters would be on routine patrol there. (Why didn’t they call for fighter cover to start with?) If it was an airliner (which it proved to be) did they think the airliner could be flown fast enough to actually crash into Air Force One? The Presidential Jet can travel at over 600 MPH, nearly supersonic speeds, the announcer tells us. Would another airliner actually travel fast enough to cross AF One’s bow before help could arrive? Could any plane not flying in excess of MACH One?

The second thing we learn, from The Moron himself (who, wearing a cute little blue pilot jump suit is extensively interviewed) is that it was not his idea not to return to Washington. It was the other guys that made him stay away. Is no my fault man!! We have heard that before. Whether he was in Washington, or at OFUTT AFB in Nebraska, is hardly the issue. What was he doing? Thats the question. Why was he was not leading the country?

That’s the third thing we learn. He was not leading because Air Force One does not have the equipment necessary to communicate with Washington during a crisis. NO? Air Force One? (For a very well documented 9/11 chronology go to Historycommons.org.)

The TV show goes on to document some of the other really dangerous missions it conducted with the brave Moron Busch, including the famous Thanksgiving in Iraq where he posed with a fake bird. Barack did participate in this production. There is a vignette at the end in which the new president is welcomed to the plane, greets the pilot and talks to the steward about a cheese burger. He likes them medium well, with Dijon or Grey Poupon, lettace, tomato. Cheddar Cheese.

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