John Boner's Stimulus Package

Before we take too seriously John Boner’s whining about the stimulus plan, we should look closely at the GOP economic record. Not good…particularly if you are trying to make the case…as is House Minority Leader Boner… that the GOPers know what they are talking about.

In the beginning of VooDoo economics, The Raygunner, traitor to his nation, cut taxes… and cut taxes… and swore it would result in lower deficits and economic growth. We got some growth in the 1980s, but by the time Busch the First was done with the economy, we were in a recession. More important, we had the biggest deficit in history.

Bill Clinton came into office and insisted on fiscal discipline. He raised taxes and balanced the budget and we had the greatest economic expansion in history. The Moron Busch was elected with a budget surplus at his command …the first since Jimmy Carter left a surplus for the Raygunner to squander… and quickly set about squandering it,too. Instead of using it to shore up Social Security, as his advisors suggested, he began a new round of Tax Cuts which, he assured the world, would mean prosperity for all.

After eight years of Voodoo economics under The Moron Busch (not that the return to VooDoo is the only… even the biggest blunder from the Moron’s reign) the economy is in the tank.

So now comes John (“I’m concerned about the size of the package”) Boner to argue that one problem with the stimulus is it needs more tax breaks. Who is he kidding? Like VooDoo Economics works? Where is the evidence that it ever worked? This is no time to give in to these monkeys. This is no time for tax breaks.

If there is a real issue with the stimulus package it’s the fact that only 18 percent of the package is aimed at infrastructure. That’s where the real benefits in this program are.. the repair of roads, replacement of bridges, construction of an electrical grid, rebuilding schools, greening public facilities, encouraging the public to get greener. There are a zillion jobs in those programs. Why isn’t the GOP on that issue? Guess Busch is not the only moron in their ranks.

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