A colleague who had actually ventured downtown yesterday stopped by and was somewhat lamenting the booing and the chants of Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye. He said he felt that it was the office, not the man, and that therefore more respect was to be accorded.

I felt this way once. Dan Quayle came to my hometown, and as a member of the local press, I helped cover the event. Our local Democrats came out to boo and protest and to be disrespectful and to ask him to spell “potato.”

I always thought that “potato” thing was too easy, and I thought at the time that my Democrats should have accorded the Vice President more respect, even if he thought that the structure of my family was unacceptable and threatened the very fabric of society.

I have to some extent agreed with the “it’s the office, not the man” line until Former President George W. Bush.

After him, “it’s the office, not the man” feels like complimenting a man’s tie even though it is gooed up with shit.

Hey, hey, hey. Goodbye.

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