Personal Responsibility

I hate to begin this enlightenment by criticizing the new Chief Executive. But that’s what makes enlightenments what they are.

President Obama spends a lot of language talking about personal responsibility and public service. It is a good theme, and it is refreshing to hear a President implore the average American to pitch in.

But it rings hollow so long as it remains up in the air as to whether the leaders who actually got us here will have to face any sort of real accountability for things like torture, irresponsible deregulation, and invading a sovereign nation without provocation, and, hell, for evading congressional subpoenas. Everyone knows there is accountability to be met by these people, but Obama has hedged on whether or not he’ll work to make any sort of prosecutions happen, using instead the “looking forward” language.

Hopefully, he’s just holding his cards to his chest. Otherwise, we will find out sooner than later that the new President is not willing to seek his own advice.

Sorry for the moody thoughts this Jan. 21. Back to the lovefest.

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