The Cruel Shoes

It would be tempting to laugh or even to feel vindicated by the story of the Iraqi journalist beaning The Current President with his size-10s on his last “surprise visit” to Occupied Iraq. But it isn’t funny, and nor is it vindicating. It’s goddamned sad is what it is.

It is an indication of how pathetically little respect the office has become worth under this jokester, as ’twas a while ago with the film of Bush being clearly snubbed by world leaders at the G20. This of course is a bit more dramatic. But from time to time indications flair up and it is made quite clear what an utter laughing stock the Bush “presidency” has led us to become in the world.

You can understand the significance of the shoe-throwing by reviewing tape of the American incursion into Iraq and of the U.S.-assisted yankdown of the Saddam statue. As the tank dragged the statue along the ground, do you know what the Iraqis did? They ran behind it and pelted it with their shoes. There may or may not be conclusions to be drawn about that and this. Suffice it to say that, apparently, one does not have to be Saddam to be worthy of such an insult.

This Current President, This Current Administration, and the abhorrent policies and philosophies they have worked so hard to achieve have so disgraced us that a man on the other side of the world thought it was fitting to throw his shoes at the President of the Untied States of America. Think about that shit for awhile. Let it stew around in your head. Smoke some if it helps you wrap your head around it. It may be the most visceral indication since the Abu Ghraib photos broke of exactly how vile and wretched have been the last eight years of American governance.

35 days and counting.

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