Oh! Domino!

Is anyone else witnessing today’s White House press briefing?

Tony Snow has just completely iterated the erstwhile “domino theory” as a justification for the Untied States’ ongoing occupation of Iraq.

I shall post the quoth here whence I findeth thine transcript.

UPDATE…here it is, thanks to the fine Web stylings at the White House.


Q And there’s evidence that it’s succeeding, isn’t it? The poll numbers?

MR. SNOW: No, I think the poll numbers indicate that war, as I’ve said many times, is a dreadful thing; people don’t want to be in it, the President doesn’t want to be in it, but on the other hand, the alternative is far worse. If you have a hollowed-out Iraq that serves as a focal point for a new terrorist organization, you’re going to see ripples of terror emanating out of Iraq that will spread past Iran, that will get to Pakistan, that will make their ways to Micronesia, that could jeopardize the oil states, could get across Northern Africa. That’s the way it works. That’s why you’ve got two alternatives: What are you going to plant, the seed of democracy, or the seed of terror? 


These boneheads really don’t learn from history, do they? When you start arguing -isms and a domino theory, it’s getting near closing time.

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