Hello again, world!

There are a few changes being made here at the KIAV.

For starters, I have managed to decide that we’d be much happier as a dot-net than as a dot-com. This is primarily because of the availability of the companion “kiav.net,” a shorter, sweeter address that will be especially good for e-mail. Therefore, this blog is now available at ketchupisavegetable.com, ketchupisavegetable.net, and kiav.net.

I have also, for the time being, settled upon a reasonable nom-de-web for this space: “Brady Bonk.” Yes, it is silly, the name itself and the fact that I feel the need to take on a pseudonym, but I do, considering that this webspace does not pay the rent. The nice thing about the new pen name is that it incorporates a family name and a goofy name that I’ve actually known two people to have had. 

Enough of the administrative noats…

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