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Monthly Archives: April 2014

A Deep Bench


My bruthas and sistahs in the Democratic party seem mighty eager these days to pick a nominee already. I like Warren; I like Hillary, I like Bernie, I hear. I like to wait. See, one, of the astounding beneficial side effects of having won the presidency with such a credible candidate as was Barack Obama […]

Popular Urinalism at Work: No wonder we are fools


If you want a good picture of the lack of clear thinking that goes on in the mass media, take a look… doesn’t have to be a close look…at the recent flap over Clivon Bundy. My local newspaper is typical. They are all enraged about how Bundy is a racist and shaming all those Republicans […]

Separation of Church and State… AGAIN!


In the late 1820s America was in the midst of the Second Great Awakening, an evangelical Christian movement that dominated public discourse in those formative years. At that time, Christian evangelism spawned, among other political movements, Abolitionism, Zenophobia (Know Nothings opposed immigrants because many were Catholic) and a demand that the United States Postal Service […]

Have a Koch and a Smile


Well, that was a nice little sabbatical. Last time I wrote, President Obama was re-elected. I stopped writing. It’s not that I threw in the towel. It’s just that this medium didn’t seem to be as much fun as it used to be. Lately, though, I’ve been looking lately for a reason to jump back […]