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Monthly Archives: October 2012

What We’re Up Against


I’m about to relate a Facebook story to you. I know. Blogging about something that happened to you on Facebook. It does not get any more nerdlinger than that. But it’s relevant. I do post some political things to my Facebook, but I spend as little time as I can in political combat there. It’s […]

The Recency Effect


What was I saying? Doom and gloom? Blah blah blah? Mister Obama’s performance tonight was staggering. As he has in his office throughout his term, Obama demonstrated that, somehow, foreign policy, the ever-present bogey-man of the Hillary 3 a.m. phone call ads, is and always has been his bailey-wick. This is a President who has […]

The October Surprise


I think that when prognosticators review the election of 2012, they will conclude that there was, indeed, an October surprise. It was when Willard Romney walked onto the stage during the first debate and proclaimed that he knows absolutely nothing about the three trillion dollar tax cut he’s been touting. I am concerned that it […]

The Final Frontier


It occurred to me this evening, too, watching Mr. Obama’s performance this evening, that a real opportunity has been missed in the course of his campaign. He talks a lot about the need for education and training, and he hit it especially hard that we need education and training in the advanced manufacturing sector. He’s […]

A Historical Performance


I have praised the Vice President on these pages before, and I am about to praise him yet again for his incredible and, indeed, historic performance last evening during the vice presidential debate. I was just telling some folks the night before: Do not underestimate Joe Biden. His reputation as a “gaffe machine” is an […]

The Great Debate


I am not even remotely inclined to buy the conventional wisdom regarding last night’s debate between President Obama and Willard Romney, that Romney somehow “won” the event. Nonsense. I am willing to call it a draw. But only with a big fat asterisk. They say that Romney spoke for 38 minutes, and that in that […]