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Monthly Archives: September 2012

As I Said, Keep Talking


Mitt Romney is not running to be the President of the United States. He is running to be President of 53 percent of all ya’ll. That’s what he said. End of post.

Talk To The Chair


Clint Eastwood is still out there talking about his insidious speech at the Republigoat Fartnoomie Conflution. And boy, am I glad he is. When that happened, I didn’t have access to no fancy Internet, so I couldn’t blogificate about it then. However, the fact that this aging douchebag is still having to defend his actions […]

Keep It Up, Mittens


I cannot tell you if I would like for Mitt Romney to keep talking, or if I want him to shut his pie hole. So here’s how it went. There was this movie put on YouTube that nobody seems to know what the name of it is. It was a movie that said bad things […]

Eleven Years


It seems impossible to me that it was 11 years ago. As always, the thing that always strikes me in my memory of the September attacks on this country in 2001 is what a pitch perfect, beautiful day it was in Washington D.C. How I noticed that and appreciated it before I walked to my […]

They Made the Case


Sadly, I work when the Democratic Convention was broadcast. But, it’s amazing what you can do with an IPhone with the C-SPAN app installed. I was able to listen to many of the convention speeches, including Obama’s and Biden’s tonight. I was also able to hear the Foo Fighters perform, and to hear Scarlett Johansen […]

I’ll Do That One More Time


This is disgusting. The Democratic Convention. Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio brings two amendments to the Democratic Platform to the floor, one to say that Democrats believe in the Lord too, and the other to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The chair ran roughshod here over what was clearly a contested vote. […]

Convention Time


I have been absent from these pages for some time, it is true. The Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology has been in the midst of relocating, and therefore I have been without Internet access for weeks. You know how it goes. These are the travails of the blogger. The Democratic Convention has been going swimmingly, […]